Fotofilmic JRNL Winter 2020

“There were a lot of great submissions which made the final culling very difficult. But I hope we have a JRNL 3 that will be of interest to the wider photo community” says JRNL 3 Guest Editor Joanna Milter. Having work looked at, pondered, and eventually selected by such an influential connoisseur of contemporary photography as Joanna represents a uniquely meaningful publication opportunity, one we are incredibly excited to have been able to offer to the FotoFilmic community. As Joanna stated, many, many laudable analog works from meriting photographers came through, each of them meeting her eyes, attention, and calibrated consideration.
The wait is now over and we couldn’t get more excited to announce the 12 next JRNL photographers going to press in December! Big congratulations to them for such a ringing endorsement of their work!