Call for Participation

Current Resident

As time passes, words are left unsaid. People move apart, and words hang in the mist waiting to condensate on the first thing they encounter. These leftovers are a burden to those near to us. So why not send them to build up on an old phone booth instead? This call asks for your postcards and letters. The ones that you always think about writing, but never seem to be able to send. Share them here!

The Current Resident is a traveling installation, which asks its participants to mail correspondence to the current location of a phone booth replica, which is displayed outside of a hosting venue or organization. The correspondence is posted throughout the installation period on the walls of the phone booth to read and reflect on.

Participation is open all!

The content of the correspondences is open.

The letters or postcards can be to a specific person, or just words that need to be sent out into to the universe.

All submission will be documented and archived. Individual letters will be curated into the phone booth.

To be included in the project send a postcard or letter to:

Current Resident
1711 S 11th Ave apt 122
Bozeman MT, 59715

Correspondence will be accepted at this address until July 1, 2019.